Climb Your Own Everest

In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary became the first man to stand on the summit of Mt Everest, the highest point on earth. Thirty seven years later, his son Peter also stood on the summit. In this presentation, Peter Hillary shares what it took to get the first father and son to the top of the world. His 10 Steps include hilarious and spine-tingling anecdotes about his climb that will transport your audience to another world. Most importantly however, it will leave your people with a “can-do” attitude to achieving goals in their own lives.

Hillary’s 10 Steps to the Summit of the World

  1. Nothing ventured; nothing gained
    If you don’t give it a go, you will never know what you can accomplish.
  2. Challenge = uncertainty = excitement
    Every great goal is a challenge, and the outcome is always uncertain – but that is what makes life exciting!
  3. Fear makes you focus. Fear makes you thorough. A little bit of fear is good.
  4. Passion gives you the confidence and the dedication to accomplish the goal.
  5. Fun makes for a great team. Having fun together helps cement a team, and makes the goal more achievable.
  6. Make sure you have lots to live for.
    Your survival is enhanced and your life enriched by the other dimensions in your life - the people you love; the other ambitions you have. If there is only one thing that matters to you in your life, you run the risk of having nothing else to live for if you lose it.
  7. Resist the flock factor
    There is safety in numbers, and strengths too, but only when everyone is thinking for themselves and contributing to the operation.
  8. You are all you have
    You must learn to be self-reliant.
  9. Powerful experiences are what memories are made of, but you must be prepared to risk defeat.
  10. A View from the Summit
    When you reach a goal, you have completed a dream. Never stop dreaming and setting new goals.

Peter Hillary on the summit of Mt EverestBenefits
This is an inspirational presentation with many entertaining stories that will leave your audience charged and motivated and raring to go.

Ideal as a motivational address or as an after-dinner speech.

Audio visual support

DVD film footage is used to illustrate this presentation.